Steviemack’s International Food Company is a dream; cooked-up by my wife Jill and I. We looked at brick-and-mortar locations and dealt with the volatile real estate market; then we decided to go mobile.

Steviemack – I have always been conscious of good food. My Great-grandma, Julia was Southern coastal pioneer woman; my mother’s family had lived in Thailand; my father had fallen in love with Asian fare during his time in Vietnam. In 1986, I moved to Hong Kong, where I began to seriously pursue a “homegrown” education in Asian cooking. I studied Cantonese, Indian, Japanese, Filipino, Sri Lankan, Thai, Vietnamese and Malaysian cuisines; in many cases learning from experts, in their own homes. The food in Hong Kong was eye-opening. The city had everything from intimidatingly-authentic Indonesian dives to serious, progressive fine dining. There was spice, texture and tradition.

In 1990, I graduated from Hong Kong International School and returned to the U.S., by way of Greensboro, NC; where, after a brief stint in the car stereo and mobile electronics installation, I found myself working the fryer at a mall-based casual dining chain. One thing lead to another and, in an act of blind generosity, I was hired by the Mendenhall family, to work at Paisley’s. Undercurrant, Liberty Oak, American Accents, Southern Lights, Just One More and Green Valley Grill followed.

In 2003, I moved to Wilmington to head the kitchen at Deluxe. In the mornings you could find me cooking eggs at the Dixie Grill; at night my guys and I were serving Southern-fried Adobo Duck Hindquarters at Deluxe.

Jill – My wife Jill received her undergrad degree and MBA from UNC Wilmington. She quite literally grew-up in the restaurant business. Her family’s restaurant, The Glenwood Pines (Ithaca, NY) has been home to her grandfather, Gil; her parents, Bill and Linda; her aunts; her uncle; her cousins; and is currently owned and operated by her brother, Corey.

Together with our daughter, Hannah (the real brains of the operation), we hope to share, with you, our true enjoyment of food and community.