Sample Menu Item

Orange Teriyaki Chicken $12

Our tender, grilled chicken thigh over jasmine rice with mixed vegetables and our sweet-and-citric teriyaki glaze.


Hickory Brisket with Green Peppercorn Demi Glace $13

Tender beef brisket with a French-inspired green peppercorn sauce; served with green beans over crispy seasoned shoestring fries


Beef Brisket with Korean BBQ $13

Our smoky and tender brisket over jasmine rice with Korean BBQ sauce, sesame seeds and herbs.


Beef Brisket in Pineapple Red Curry $13

Try this Thai-inspired brisket in a rich, sweet and spicy pineapple red curry sauce over jasmine rice.


Pork “Street Food Platter” $12

Hickory-smoked pork shoulder in Vietnamese BBQ sauce with Singapore noodles, Crazy Slaw, herbs, peanuts and crispy onion.

Pork and Basil Fried Rice $11

Our South Asian fried rice with smoky pork shoulder, fresh vegetables, Thai basil and an over-medium egg. A SMIFCO favorite!


Jerk Pork Shoulder $12

Tender, hickory-cooked pork shoulder seasoned in a Caribbean style with our signature “Crazy Slaw” and sriracha crema over sweet potato waffle fries.

Herb-marinated Chicken Sandwich $12

Steviemack’s twist on a family favorite, tender chicken thigh meat is marinated in a “NY State Fair” style and served on a toasted kaiser roll with tomato-onion jam, spinach and goat’s cheese.

Sweet Potato and Chickpea Fritters $10

My crispy NC-inspired sweet potato falafel with a Sri Lankan yellow curry sauce.  Choose 1 side.

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Beef Brisket in Crawfish Sauce $13

Our tender hickory-smoked beef brisket served with a rich sherry-crawfish sauce over goat’s cheese-infused mashed potatoes.


Hickory NC Pork Shoulder with Chinese BBQ $12

North Carolina by way of Hong Kong. Tender, hickory-cooked pulled pork shoulder with a SMIFCO version of a Chinese street BBQ sauce.


Satay-style Chicken $12

Our tender chicken thigh, cooked with South Asian spices and served with Thai peanut sauce, jasmine rice and cucumber salad.


Beef Brisket “Crying Tiger” $13

Tender, thinly-sliced hickory-smoked beef brisket, cucumbers, jalapeño, cilantro & tomato accented with Thai chili, lime and srirachia mayo served with Jasmine Rice.